Low Carbon Energy appointed as Chamber Low Carbon consultant
Low Carbon Energy appointed as Chamber Low Carbon consultant
21st December 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently been appointed as a Chamber Low Carbon consultant, providing expert advice to Lancashire SMEs on how to use the latest renewable technologies to make themselves more efficient, more sustainable, and make significant savings on their energy bills.

A new era for commercial solar in Lancashire

Chamber Low Carbon is a coalition of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the North and Western Chamber of Commerce, Businesswise Solutions Ltd and BOOST. The organisation’s primary aims are to support Lancashire businesses in saving money while reducing their carbon footprint, and have appointed several expert consultants to help them achieve goal.

We’re hugely proud to have been appointed as one of those consultants here at Low Carbon Energy – as one of the UK’s leading providers of solar PV and renewable energy solutions, we’ve delivered bespoke solutions for clients across thirteen different sectors.

“With got 30 years of combined experience behind us, we always begin each of our projects with a detailed assessment of each client’s specific requirements, and the demands of their site,” explains Benedict Ennis, commercial solar consultant at Low Carbon Energy. “That means we’re able to deliver a tailored solution suited to their industry and their unique energy profile, helping us deliver the very best return on investment.”

“Our team has a thorough understanding of not just the technology underpinning solar panel systems, but also the regulatory and legal processes that govern them, so we can take care of everything from preventative maintenance to detailed data analysis, helping to optimise long-term performance for maximum savings.”

Now, we’re looking forward to bringing all this expertise to bear in Chamber Low Carbon’s initiative, helping a whole new raft of Lancashire businesses enjoy the considerable benefits of implementing the latest renewable energy technologies.


How Lancashire businesses can benefit from commercial solar in 2021

Lancashire businesses across a huge range of industries can benefit from a range of key advantages when it comes to renewable energy technologies such as commercial solar panels. These advantages include:

  • Helping customers to make significant savings on their energy bills
  • Enhancing the sustainability of their operations
  • Improving their energy security and independence
  • Boosting their Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy security has become an increasingly pressing concern for many businesses in light of this year’s events, in which plenty of business owners have expressed fears about big issues like Covid-19 and Brexit having knock-on effects on market energy prices. It’s one of the major reasons why renewables are experiencing such a big take-up, both in Lancashire and beyond – the power sources are abundant, universal, and unaffected by closures of ports or airports, so businesses can count on solar panels to provide a consistent source of energy, and some much-needed peace of mind.

Corporate Social Responsibility is another particularly important point – as well as the practical and financial benefits that renewable technologies provide, they also provide a valuable means for Lancashire businesses to get involved in the growing ‘green recovery’, which is taking place on both a nationwide and global scale. When global pollution levels dropped dramatically over the summer of this year due to Covid-19 lockdowns, the world was given a glimpse of what a low carbon future could look like, and growing numbers of businesses and individuals are now making a proactive effort to keep it that way.

As a result, the public is starting to expect some level of environmental awareness and sustainable commitments from businesses as a bare minimum. Lancashire businesses which can provide tangible demonstrations of this Corporate Social Responsibility will look more attractive to customers, investors, and potential employees – in short, putting them head and shoulders above the rest.

Chamber Low Carbon – and of course our own team here at Low Carbon Energy – are hugely passionate about helping businesses reap these rewards. If you’d like to see a few examples of what we’ve achieved for previous clients, feel free to look at our case studies, such as those of Boeing or Computacenter. Or to find out how we can help you, feel free to give us a call today on 01282 421 489!

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