How much can you really save with solar?
How much can you really save with solar?
5th September 2016

Businesses, councils, schools and more are all reaping the benefits of renewable energy solutions.


Pendle Frozen Foods, based in Nelson, Lancashire, were keen to reduce the running costs of their frozen food warehouse. They decided to invest in one of our 111 KW solar panel systems – which delivered results that surpassed expectations.

how much can you really save with solar

The solar PV system saw the company benefitting from an annual FIT income of £24,000 while saving 50 tonnes of CO2 per year. Furthermore, the company is now generating 88,000 kWh a year at less than 2p per kWh.

Public Sector

Keen to enhance the local economy, Rossendale Borough Council made the switch to solar. Opting for a 100 KW solar panel system, it wasn’t long before they began to reap the rewards.

how much can you really save with solar

The council are now generating 85,000 kWh a year at less than 2p per kWh. Prior to this, they were paying 11p per kWh. Furthermore, CO2 emissions have been dramatically reduced and the council now receive an annual FIT income of £9,200.


The owners of Hollies Farm, in Marchwiel, Wrexham, loved the environmental and financial benefits of solar. The many benefits of solar PV saw the owners invest in a 50 KW solar panel system.

how much can you really save with solar

The solar panels have given the owners an additional FIT income of £6,000 while also helping them save on energy bills. They went from paying 11p per kWh to less than 2p per kWh – just from installing solar panels!


St Michael’s CE Primary School, in Grimsargh, near Preston, invested in a 30 KW solar panel system from Low Carbon Energy.

How much can you really save with solar?

The new solar PV system has seen the school generate an annual FIT income of £6,500 while saving 14 tonnes of CO2 per year. The school is now generating 24,000 kWh per year at less than 2p per kWh.

If you want to find out how much money you could save with solar, why not try the Energy Saving Trust calculator? The Solar Energy Calculator estimates the fuel bill savings you could make as well as payments you could receive from the Feed-in Tariff. You could also give the team at Low Carbon Energy a call to find out more. We can discuss potential costs and share the other benefits that you can expect to get when switching to solar.

If you’re looking for other easy ways to save money on your energy bills, why not invest in LED lighting. Offering savings of up to 60% on your lighting bills, LED lighting helps you save money and power while also helping the environment.

Have you invested in any of our renewable energy services? If so, what difference have you noticed to your energy bills? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @LowCarbonEnCo

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