Energy Efficiency Grant – £5K for SMEs

Energy Efficiency Grant - £5K for SMEs Posted on 8th Jan 2019 by Ged Ennis

At Low Carbon Energy, we’re proud to be the providers of the Energy Efficiency Grant. Designed to make modern solar panel solutions more accessible than ever to SMEs, the Energy Efficiency grant helps them to take greater control over two key elements of their business; the size of their carbon footprint, and the impact of increasing energy costs.

SMEs who meet the minimum criteria for the installation (usable roof space of 300m2, or 30kw / 105 solar panels) can receive up to £5000 to the overall solar system cost upon its completion, offsetting startup costs to make solar an even more affordable, effective solution. Allocation of the grant will also be subject to a survey and approval by a qualified Low Carbon Energy engineer.

How the grant helps you

For the last few years, energy costs have gradually been on the rise, and the effect of this is being felt all the more keenly by smaller businesses. The grant can give small and medium business owners the opportunity to generate their own energy on-site, granting them better energy security by making them less reliant on the National Grid.

What’s more, recent studies demonstrate that amongst growing public concern about the environment, modern consumers are increasingly making statements with their wallets – often preferring to buy from organisations who are able to clearly demonstrate their environmental commitments, giving solar-powered SMEs the edge over their competitors.

This fund is provided by the Low Carbon Energy Company in Burnley.

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