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Roads That Lie Ahead: A Brief Look At Solar Powered Highways feature image

A Brief Look At Solar Powered Highways

Posted on 6th Feb 2017 by Ged Ennis

Following on from the roaring success renewable energy enjoyed in 2016, the global progress towards this form of energy shows no signs of slowing. Electric cars are the exciting new technology grabbing all the headlines at the moment, but here’s one you might not have heard of: solar-powered roads. In case it sounds niche, at […]

Energy Efficiency: Small Businesses Are Having Big Effects

Posted on 6th Jan 2017 by Ged Ennis

According to a new whitepaper published by renowned global financial solutions firm DLL, the key to the future success of British Small to Medium sized Enterprises hinges on their attitudes to energy efficiency. Emphasising this efficiency, alongside on-site generation and effective storage, DLL’s experts stressed that an ‘energy aware management culture’ was critical to the […]

Electric vehicle charging for hotels and restaurants

Electric vehicle charging for hotels and restaurants

Posted on 28th Nov 2016 by Ged Ennis

Looking for a way to improve the profitability of your business? Electric vehicle charging stations may be the key to the extra business you’re after. With electric cars becoming more and more popular over recent years, the demand for electric vehicle charging stations has never been higher. While the idea of EV stations at hotels and […]

What is electrical vehicle charging

What is electric vehicle charging?

Posted on 29th Jul 2016 by Ged Ennis

Over the last few years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular – and considering their many benefits, it’s no surprise. Electric vehicle charging (EV charging) helps businesses and homeowners take advantage of cheaper, eco-friendly driving. And with more and more electric vehicles cropping up on our roads, there’s a greater need for an […]

Charge and go

Charge and go: Low Carbon Energy expands its offerings

Posted on 21st Jul 2016 by Michael Cain

At Low Carbon Energy, our solutions are constantly evolving. One of our newest services sees us providing, and installing, EV vehicle charging solutions. As partner installers for EV-Box and Rolec, two of the largest providers of EV vehicle charging solutions, we offer a unique service to businesses, parking operators and vehicle operators alike. As the […]

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