Be part of the infrared heating revolution

Be part of the infrared heating revolution Posted on 24th Feb 2016 by Ged Ennis

We’ve talked about the perks of infrared heating in a number of our recent newsletters. With their greatly reduced energy use, better efficiency, and eco-friendly approval, they’ve been going down a storm!

Over the past few months we’ve been installed infrared heaters all over the UK. For one recent client, who requested infrared heaters in their office in Manchester, the results have transformed their bills. Six weeks after having installed their infrared heaters, the company reported back to us. They told us that their electric bill had reduced by 60%, in the offices with the heaters installed, and that the benefits were even better than expected.

Our infrared heaters aren’t just being used in commercial properties though. Due to the recent flooding in the North of England, Herschel infrared heaters were also placed in a terraced property to aid the drying out process. Proven to heat the fabric of a building and not the air, the drying out period was reduced from 16 to 10 weeks. What’s more, mould and damp wasn’t an issue either – which it may well have been with other heating solutions.

In this case, Hershel’s Infrared Heaters saved weeks of heartache and disruption for the homeowner, as well as significant cost for the insurance company.

To find out more about Hershel’s Infrared Heaters and their many benefits, visit the Web Page.

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