Battery storage explained
Battery storage explained
14th March 2016

Imagine the situation: a blackout has taken out the entire region’s power supply and now thousands are left without electricity…. except for you. As you opted for a battery storage solution, you have access to your own energy source gathered over time, to keep you going and provide a reliable source of backup power over days.

Battery storage allows you, the customer, even greater independence in your energy supply. It allows you control of your energy costs and offers great returns on investment – encouraging energy savings and efficiencies. Furthermore, it’s an affordable solution for all, because at Low Carbon Energy it can even be financed as part of our renewable and carbon reduction packages.

How does it work?

Battery storage can be combined with solar panel systems for amazing benefits. By storing the excess electricity generated during the day – for a time when you might need it most – you get a greater return on investment. The stored electricity is also commonly used throughout the night – essentially for free, as it has already been gathered and stored.

While battery storage promises benefits for all homes and businesses, it’s especially useful if you live in an area that suffers electricity blackouts – like near our premises in Ireland. With your back-up supply, you needn’t worry about a loss of electricity, as your battery storage will be able to power your usual operations in all those cases of emergency.

Battery storage explained

The benefits of battery storage

Battery storage offers so many benefits – in fact, for companies or homes that already have solar PV panels, it’s the next logical step.

The benefits include:

  • Greater energy security and power reliability
  • Reduced grid costs
  • Enhanced benefits from your solar PV system
  • Fully funded purchase from Low Carbon Energy
  • Long product guarantees
  • Reduced CO2 emissions for your business – and a greener conscience
  • Blackout protection for your home or business

In fact, a recent report by The National Infrastructure Commission said that Britain could save £8bn a year and slash its carbon footprint by using electricity better. Storage, along with interconnection and demand flexibility play a huge role in this and the “smart power revolution”, which the Commission hope to see over the next few years.

Battery storage explained

Battery storage and Low Carbon Energy

At Low Carbon Energy we have access to a range of suppliers and so can provide the most cost effective solution to meet your needs. After discussing your needs and requirements, we can put together an energy-savvy package that is perfectly tailored for you. Every day we work to ensure we are abreast of changes in suppliers and cost, and that we research the market carefully – passing every single one of the benefits on to you.

Battery storage has never been more affordable – so it’s a great time to jump on board. Increased competition in the market and significant advances in technology and safety have reduced prices to an all time low. To find out more about the logistics and cost of battery storage from Low Carbon Energy, get in touch with the team today.

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