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5 of our best energy saving tips
20th December 2021

With record-high energy prices, the cold winter weather and our nationwide Net Zero targets, it makes sense for us to try and be more conservative with our use of gas and electric. What’s more whether it’s in the workplace or at home, you can save energy and ultimately save on your bills at the same time. So, from installing commercial solar panels, to being smart with your heating and simply switching things off, here are five of our best energy saving tips for you to try.

1. Turn down the thermostat

Heating is one of the biggest drains on our energy and can account for a large percentage of your total costs. By turning the thermostats down in your house or offices for instance by just 1ºC, you can reduce the amount of energy you’re using by almost 10%. On top of this, when your buildings or rooms aren’t in use you should turn the dial right down to just a lukewarm temperature to avoid frost or damp.

2. Insulate your buildings

It’s not just about how you heat your rooms, it’s how well they can trap and hold the warmth. This is where having quality insulation is a must, as whether it’s cavity wall, exterior wall or roof insulation, the thermal performance of a building can improve significantly. As a bonus, your heating then won’t have to work as hard, so you can use less energy and again save on your bills.

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3. Install solar panels

Having solar panels fitted to your home or business can be a great investment as it’ll give you access to cheaper, greener energy. What’s more, they will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, and from a business perspective, they are great for boosting your Corporate Social Responsibility. This is because they demonstrate to your customers your company is responsible and making an effort to help us meet our Net Zero goals.

4. Switch off your devices and lights

Leaving the lights on and leaving devices, appliances and machines on standby can add hundreds of pounds to our energy bills, so switching these off when they’re not in use is an effective way to save. As a business you should also encourage your staff to be more vigilant with their tech and get them to turn them off at the end of each working day.

5. Watch your hot water use

In most properties, every time you run the hot water you’re using energy, so try to be more frugal with it. A few things to consider are not leaving your taps running when washing up, having timers fitted to showers and taps so they automatically switch off and avoiding having baths. The obvious additional benefit to this is you also reduce your water consumption.

By implementing some or all of the above into your daily routines, you should start to notice that your usage drops and that you’re saving on your energy bills. What’s more, having solar panels installed can provide you with the added bonus of energy security, so your home or business can keep running without any disruption from things like winter weather blackouts. This is also something we can help you with here at Low Carbon Energy, as we design and fit solar panels for homes, businesses and more.

As an official Carbon Trust Partner, we also have the knowledge and expertise you can trust to get the right technologies for your specific needs. Take a look online today to see what we have available, but if you want to talk to us directly, give us a call on 01282 421 489.

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