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When will the global demand for energy peak?

What is a brownout and how does it affect your business?

Posted on 27th Apr 2020 by Ged Ennis

Brownout is basically the term used to describe what happens when the voltage drops below the usual mains supply level. It’s similar to but not quite the same as a blackout, which is a complete (and normally sudden) loss of power. The term brownout is sometimes used interchangeably with the term sag, but the big […]

making history britain goes first day without coal since 1882 feature image

Positive solar industry news to brighten a very dark time

Posted on 14th Apr 2020 by Ged Ennis

It’s only April, and already 2020 has been a year of unprecedented change. There are very few places left on Earth which haven’t been touched by the Covid-19 crisis, and life here in the UK has changed unrecognisably. It’s possible, even likely, that things may never be quite the same again. Millions of us were […]

6 reasons to choose solar panels for your industrial business

Posted on 2nd Apr 2020 by Ged Ennis

There’s no shortage of sectors that can reap huge rewards from the use of commercial solar panels to offset costs, and the industrial sector is no exception. We serve a broad range of industries here at Low Carbon Energy, and we’ve got decades of experience behind us in helping businesses save money, become more efficient, […]

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