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How To Easily Achieve Supply Chain Sustainability

Posted on 25th May 2017 by Ged Ennis

As you’d expect from a business energy services company, at Low Carbon Energy we’re passionate about helping our customers to be sustainable as possible. That’s why this week’s blog brings you some simple tips on how to improve the sustainability of your supply chains.

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Public Approval Soars For Solar Energy

Posted on 19th May 2017 by Ged Ennis

This year just keeps getting better and better for solar power. In a recent quarterly survey of the British public carried out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (commonly known as BEIS), the public responded with overwhelming approval for renewables energy, and solar energy in particular. Indeed, more so than ever before!

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Making History: Britain Goes First Day Without Coal Since 1882

Posted on 10th May 2017 by Ged Ennis

Good Friday 2017 was a remarkable day for the British energy industry; it was the first day that Britain has gone entirely without coal power since the world’s first centralised coal generator opened in 1882. It’s an incredible milestone, and it’s thanks in no small part to the rise of solar power and renewable sources […]

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How Does The Government ESOS Scheme Affect Your Business?

Posted on 4th May 2017 by Ged Ennis

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a national initiative that’s been around for some time now. As the name might suggest, it’s aimed at helping our nation become more efficient and environmentally friendly. (Incidentally, solar panels are a fantastic way to achieve this; giving you greener, cleaner energy.) So what exactly is ESOS, and is […]

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Low Carbon Energy Nominated For The Burnley Business Awards 2017

Posted on 3rd May 2017 by Ged Ennis

We’ve got some great news this week at Low Carbon Energy – we’ve been entered into the Burnley Business Awards! We’re truly honoured to be included, as we’ll be entering with some of the region’s highest-rated companies. The actual ceremony will take place in June the 29th, and it’s already shaping up to be an […]

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