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UK SMEs to benefit from Carbon Trust initiative

UK SME’s to benefit from Carbon Trust initiative

Posted on 25th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

Has your SME been interested in making the move to more energy-efficient, green solutions? Have the initial costs of green energy solutions made the move difficult for your business and put you off? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, and you’re based in England, Scotland or Wales, the latest initiative from the […]

ommercial solar can benefit from subsidy cuts

Commercial solar can benefit from subsidy cuts

Posted on 18th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

If the constraints of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) have stopped you from investing in solar PV in the past, you’ll be pleased to hear about the recent developments. Government cuts to the FIT have made commercial rooftop solar deployment a more attractive proposition for many businesses, knowing that they’re no longer constrained by the […]

Battery storage explained

Battery storage explained

Posted on 14th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

Imagine the situation: a blackout has taken out the entire region’s power supply and now thousands are left without electricity…. except for you. As you opted for a battery storage solution, you have access to your own energy source gathered over time, to keep you going and provide a reliable source of backup power over […]

Energy Tips – Office Equipment

Posted on 9th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

Office equipment – computers, printers, and kitchen utilities – can be big energy users. The great news is that there are some really simple steps to cut down on these energy costs just by raising awareness and changing bad habits. 46% of electricity in businesses is used outside of standard operating hours, so whether it’s […]

Why smart companies are switching to renewable energy

Posted on 9th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

Don’t just take our word for it. Read about why Google, Unilever, and BMW, amongst others, are committed to 100% renewable energy

Renewable energy The solution to rising bills feature

Renewable energy: The solution to rising bills

Posted on 4th Mar 2016 by Ged Ennis

Year-on-year, UK households see their energy bills rising – despite trying to limit the use of gas and electricity at home. As a problem that shows no signs of going away, it’s time to look for more viable solutions – solutions that will help consumers save money while also saving the planet. The popularity of […]

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