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Energy Saving Tips

Posted on 12th Jan 2016 by Ged Ennis

Lets start with the obvious The longer your heating is on and the higher the thermostat is set, the higher your bills will be. But too often timers and thermostats are installed and forgotten about. A few simple steps can make all the difference: Make sure Timers are set to the right date and time, […]

Become a revolutionary with solar

Posted on 12th Jan 2016 by Michael Cain

2016 and beyond will see a significant uptake in solar PV, both domestically and commercially in Ireland. The recent government white paper commits to long-term support for solar PV in Ireland and that is matched by the likes of Bord na Móna. Solar will take hold in Ireland, as it has in the UK and […]

Beat energy price rises with solar

Posted on 12th Jan 2016 by Michael Cain

2015 saw the government go down the unfortunate route and commit to supporting fracking, coal and nuclear. Whether you agree with the politics or not, there is a way to avoid the inevitable price rises that policy will bring. Investing in solar power ensures energy independence and reduced electricity cost year-upon-year. The benefits for both […]

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