October 2015 Archive

The perks of generating your own electricity

Posted on 14th Oct 2015 by Ged Ennis

At Low Carbon Energy we don’t think you should have to pay for the wasted energy. Instead, why not generate your own and let others pay for the inefficiencies? By producing your own, you’ll achieve better energy productivity – cutting your bills and helping build a stronger economy in the long term. Currently, 54% of […]

Warm up this winter with infrared heating

Posted on 14th Oct 2015 by Ged Ennis

Did you know the UK loses 54% of its electric energy before it reaches end users? It’s an unbelievable loss demonstrating real inefficiency. But what if you could reduce this number through generating your own electricity? Yes, you’ve heard us right, with Low Carbon Energy and Herschel you can generate your own electricity from your […]