Commercial Infrared Heaters

Commercial Infrared Heaters for Offices, Warehouses & Public Spaces

Herschel Far commercial infrared heaters are the most energy efficient and economical alternative to gas, oil and traditional electrical heating systems, making infrared the perfect choice for cutting your business heating bills.

And here at Low Carbon Energy, we have a wide range of infrared radiation panels to suit every business scenario.

The most impressive stat with Herschel Far infrared heaters is that they will offer savings of up to 30% against conventional gas heating and 60% against more traditional electric storage heating systems used in commercial premises.

6 reasons to use commercial infrared heaters for your business

  • Heat generated from the panels is 100% natural
  • Heats the business premises itself and not the air in it
  • Reduces chances of damp and mould
  • Vastly reduced energy usage
  • Little to no servicing or maintenance required
  • CO2 free

Businesses can benefit from low “Total Cost of Ownership”

One of the major commercial benefits of installing infrared heaters is the lowered total cost of ownership. For example, a standard boiler replacement may cost up to £3,200, where a full house infrared panel install would cost around £4,500. However, when you add in additional running costs and maintenance, your cost outlay will have been saved by year three with an infrared heater system.

Data from Herschel Far

Feature Infrared Heater Electric Radiator
Initial purchase cost (600W) £337 £120
Wattage of heater 600 watts 1500W
Electricity units per hour 0.6 units 1500W
Total units used during the winter 360 1440
Electricity cost per winter £50.40 £201.60
Total cost of ownership including purchase costs Savings
Year 1 £387.40 £321.60 £65.80 more expensive
Year 2 £437.80 £523.20 £85.40 cheaper
Year 3 £488.20 £724.80 £236.60 cheaper
Year 4 £538.60 £926.40 £387.80 cheaper
Year 5 £589.00 £1,128.00 £539 cheaper

As shown, infrared is more expensive in year one by £65.80, however, from then on it gets better and better. In year two, infrared generates a saving of £85.40, in year three £236.60, in year four £387.80 and by year five a whopping £539 saving!

How does infrared work

Where to use infrared heaters

Our range of Herschel Far infrared heating systems is the most comprehensive in the world. We have heaters to suit any application, from commercial to domestic, industrial and outdoor heating.

  • Fixed to walls and ceilings in offices
  • Patio and other outdoor scenarios
  • Conservatories
  • Retail outlets and salons
  • Warehouses, storage and industrial units
  • Homes
  • Public spaces
  • Garages
  • Churches
  • Equine heating
  • Flood recovery

Infrared heating products

Advantage IR

Advantage IR

Ideal solution for commercial and workspace applications.

Suits applications including manufacturing storage and distribution warehouses, churches and sports halls.

Aspect XL

Aspect XL

Our newest product combining stylish design with the latest in far infrared technology.

Use indoors to heat spaces where a more contemporary design is preferred.



Our designer space heater

Suitable for areas with high ceilings and large areas in constant use where design is paramount.



The portable infrared space heater unique to Herschel.

Designed for applications such as flood recovery, environment control of buildings and construction finishing processes.

Advantage IRP4

Advantage IRP4

Our industrial space heater

Suits commercial applications including warehouses, workshops, assembly areas, loading bays.

Herschel iQ Control Solution

Herschel iQ Control Solution

Complete control and comfort

Simple, effective way of monitoring cosumption and costs.

“The units are in and look great”
Altrincham Market

Shireland School infrared heating system

Cost effective space conscious heating. Shireland Collegiate Academy is a school based in the West Midlands which was looking for a new heating system. Phase 1 of this project was to...

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