Commercial Electricity

Reduce Your Electric Bill
To Less Than 2p Per kWh

Commercial Electricity 2p Per kWh

Investing in commercial solar panels can reduce your electricity charges to less than 2p Per kWh, fixed for the next twenty years. Furthermore you will be providing your business with energy security and doing something great for the environment.

Our typical solar panel installation over the last three years is a 50 KW system, which will deliver cheap clean electricity.

Here’s how it works

  • A 50 KW system is guaranteed to deliver 720,000 kWh over a twenty year period (the length of the feed in tariff scheme which makes payments against generated electricity).
  • The scheme will pay a guaranteed 4.39p for every kWh generated = £31,608.
  • The budget cost of the design, install and commision of the solar panel system is £45,000.
  • Difference between cost and benefit is £13,392.
  • The equivalent cost of electric £13,392 divided by 720,000 kWh = 1.9p Per kWh
  • All that and carbon savings of 23 tonnes a year.
  • 100% finance and grants available.

Further Information

  • Systems below 50 KW could generate significantly better rates.
  • The prediction does not allow for any export payments that can also be recovered at 4.7 p per kWh
  • We have not used index linking of the feed in tariff .
  • The cost of the system does not include any grant that SME’s may recover. That could be around £6000 against the cost of a 50 KW system, subject to grant approval .
  • The 720,000 kWh includes system degradation at 0.5% per year .
  • Prices exclude vat.
  • We have used a generation rate of 800 kWh per kWh, which is typical for an east /west facing system in the North west of England. South facing roofs will have better outputs .
  • We have over 2.5 MW of solar pv systems on monitoring that are all delivering at least the predicted amounts .
  • All subject to a detailed survey .

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"Its beautiful - When you think you installed 400 panels in a week and connected everything up without any hassle to us, and since then we've been getting a cheque every quarter. last week we cashed one for £8000, it's simply brilliant!"
Director, Apeks Marine

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