Velocity Composites Were Paying 12p Per kWh
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Less Than 2p Per kWh

Velocity Composites Solar Panel Installation

  • OfficesSupply Chain Management
  • LocationBurnley, Lancashire
  • Solar PV70 KW Solar Panel System

Burnley-based Velocity Composites chose to work with Low Carbon Energy after looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Moving into the future, the company knew that making significant energy and CO2 savings would become increasingly important – especially considering their business was rapidly expanding.

Velocity Composites connected with fellow North West Aerospace Alliance members (NWAA), Low Carbon Energy, upon recommendation from other colleagues in the industry and were able to reap the benefits of a more energy efficient building in no time.

“With the incentives currently in place, solar PV offers us a fantastic return on investment for the next twenty years.”
Gerry Johnson, Director, Velocity Composites

After close consultation with the team at Velocity Composites, Low Carbon Energy installed a 70kW Solar PV system on the company’s facility. The system installed will generate around 56,000 kWh of solar generated electricity a year for Velocity Composites and will save approximately 34 tonnes of carbon a year – helping the company to make significant reductions on their carbon footprint.

Gerry Johnson, Director, Velocity Composites said:

“We are always looking for ways to save more energy and reduce our carbon footprint as we move into the future. Our aerospace clients rightly demand that we constantly look to improve efficiency, which is why we decided to work with Low Carbon Energy.”

“Solar PV matches our targets perfectly and during the summer months, when our air conditioning is running at maximum, we are generating large amounts of electricity to offset the cost. With the incentives currently in place, solar offers us a fantastic return on investment for the next twenty years.”

“Simon Warrington, the Commercial Sales Manager, has helped us right through the process and we haven’t seen a minutes disruption to our business. It has been a pleasure working with the company and Simon was always on hand at every stage.”

Simon Warrington, Commercial Sales Manager, Low Carbon Energy adds:

“We had a great experience working with the directors at Velocity Composites.

“We completed the installation of the solar panels on site in around a week and worked closely with the Velocity team to ensure there were no issues with them continuing their very busy lives.

“They are clearly a company going places and the addition of our Solar PV system will no doubt help them maintain their position as leading providers into the aerospace industry.”

Low Carbon Energy have been involved with a number of Solar Panel installations into offices. To find out more about how your business premises can reduce the cost of energy bills and reduce carbon emissions read our solar panels for offices page.


System Size:70KWP
Annual Output:56,000 kWh
Annual CO2 Savings:34 Tonnes


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