Bespoke Solar Panel System
200kw solution consisting of 701 solar panels

Stells Solar PV Installation

  • ManufacturingManufacturing
  • LocationKeighley, Yorkshire
  • Solar PV200kw Solar PV System

As with many businesses in the manufacturing sector, Stells was keen to fulfil two key aims for its business – reducing their running costs, and improving their carbon footprint. With these objectives in mind, they decided a solar panel solution was the perfect fit.

Working closely with the in-house team at Stells, our experts at Low Carbon developed a bespoke solar panel system to meet their specific requirements. The end result is a 200kw solution consisting of 701 solar panels on the roof of Stells’ main manufacturing facility. Within just the first 12 months, Stells is projected to save £19,840. Over the next 25 years, this is a saving of £450,000 (almost half a million pounds).

It’s yet another fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved with solar panels for business. Contact us today to find out what our specialists at Low Carbon can do for yours!


System Size200kw - 701 panels
First Year Savings£19,840
25 Year SavingsUpwards of £450,000



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