Heritage Envelopes

Heritage Envelopes

Stationery | Blackburn | 420.09kWp solar PV system

Heritage Envelopes is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of envelopes in the UK. After a contract renewal on their utilities which left them with much higher energy bills than previously, its team wanted more energy independence to soften the blow of these rising prices, and considered various on-site generation technologies. They ultimately decided that solar was the best way to help them achieve their aims, and so approached our experts at Low Carbon Energy to create them a bespoke solar PV installation.

Heritage Envelopes
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Project Overview

Following several on-site surveys in which we looked at the individual requirements of Heritage Envelopes, we steadily built up an in-depth assessment of their unique energy profile. From there, we used this to develop and install a 420.09kWp solar PV installation made up of 1474 x 285w panels.

This allows Heritage Envelopes to enjoy 338,186 kWh per annum of green, clean electricity, as well as a levelised cost of electric of £0.03 / kWh. What’s more, they’re now also able to save 137,305.51kg of CO₂ emissions per annum, helping them to meet their green targets and making the solar installation a valuable demonstration of their Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • MCS Approved Installer
  • Chas Accredited Contractor
  • Positive Footprints
  • Solar Energy UK Member
  • Chamber Low Carbon
  • Renewable Energy Consumer Code