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Bradleys Engineering

Engineering | Heywood, Manchester | 400KW Solar PV Systems

400KW Solution Installed Atop Their Engineering Facilities

Steadily rising energy prices recently became a key concern for Bradleys Engineering. Faced with ever-increasing costs to their business, the team decided that a solar panel solution was the perfect way to reduce their overheads, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

Bradleys Engineering
System Size

System Size


First Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

Project Overview

Following an initial consultation, our experts developed a tailored solar panel system specifically to meet the company’s requirements. The end result is a 400kw solution installed atop their engineering facilities, generating 360,000 kWh per year, generating electricity at an equivalent rate of 3p per kWh. Within just the first year, Bradleys Engineering is therefore projected to save £40,933.51, equalling more than a 20% return on investment.

What’s more, as a direct result of the solar panel solution, Bradleys Engineering is also expected to save more than 200 tonnes of CO2 per year, giving them substantial green credentials to their customers and business partners.

Our specialists conducted a drone flight over the facility to demonstrate what can be achieved – you can watch it in full below. Or, contact us today to find out what Low Carbon Energy can do for your business!


  • Chamber Low Carbon
  • MCS Approved Installer
  • Chas Accredited Contractor
  • Positive Footprints
  • Solar Energy UK Member
  • Renewable Energy Consumer Code